The Veranda Private Villa Cipete, The Preferred Compound For Expatriates

The Terrace Personal Vacation home Cipete. The Substance is actually 2 stories as well as has actually 4 bed rooms. as well as each space has actually a restroom. a big living-room on the very initial floor covering home has actually one bed room for site guests.

As well as there is a living-room over. In the back of your house is actually a terrace. That is therefore shown along with a swimming pool. Therefore a gorgeous environment on this rear outdoor patio area, Substance Home Cipete For Lease. Discuss the swimming pool along with others since the swimming pool is actually rather big as well as the sight is actually gorgeous.

Cipete substance location in Cipete Jalan Saidi, north cipete, Southerly Jakarta. Numerous homes therein. Houses are actually extremely simple street accessibility towards the Jalan Antasari Raya Kebayoran Baru as well as cipete.

In the direction of the street Jend Sudirman likewise towards Ampera Raya as well as Jalan TB simatupang. Realty mosts likely to 24-hour safety and safety security. Closed towards around the world organizations (France Int’ Organization). Your house is actually extremely gorgeous.

Terrace, your technique chancel, is actually a 1.1-hectare real property along with 24 vacation homes as well as 4 townhouse homes in a tranquil Southerly Jakarta neighborhood. The terrace offers 24-hour safety and safety, a gated entryway, as well as 16,five hundred watt/system energy offer. as well as a back-up generator body. Closed towards JIS, Pondok Indah Buying facility, as well as Kemang are actually everything about a 15-minute very personal coming from the complicated.

Veranda Private Villa Cipete, Preferred Compound

Which is actually easily place between Jl. Panglima Jl as well as Polim. Prapanca. A revitalizing unique lawn is actually just an activity much coming from your terrace. Along with Veranda’s personal vacation home way of life, you can easily leave Jakarta’s everyday whirlwind as well as hurry.

Leave coming from the daily tension of Jakarta along with Veranda’s personal vacation home way of life. Relax, delight in a tranquil beverage, or even check out the report while delighting in the fragrant wind as well as the noise of sprinkles coming from your personal terrace. Lawn facilities include a protected indoor design, swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, gymnasium, backyard, operating monitor, as well as BBQ.

Spaces that invited the lawn In”

Terrace Substance Cipete For Lease

Terrace personal vacation homes deal an individual place for everyone in the household along with a comprehensive terrace, bed room along with a lawn sight, 2 bed rooms, 2½ restrooms, optional loft examine, breakfast lawyers, household space, dining-room, kitchen area location, cleaning as well as collection drying place, as well as servants’ fourths. Each vacation home is actually geared up along with a two-car semi-basement garage.

“Stylish surfaces”

Terrace Personal Vacation homes are actually finish with a few of best all-natural items. Marble floorings could be discovered in the lifestyle as well as consuming places as well as wood parquet flooring dealing with in the bed rooms. Outdoors terraces are actually safeguarded in all-natural shake as well as doors and windows are actually created coming from wood along with a very clear all-natural surface.

Places n a tranquil atmosphere as well as distant. however 5 mins much coming from the Lippo Kemang lawyers/lawyers place. Closed shoping Center ( Lippo as well as kemang community, The very best fatmawati and so forth).

Substance cipete accessibility is actually extremely simple. Since they shut the entrance as well as leave cost Cilandak -Fatmawati of TB simatupang. Closed Ragunan ZOO as well as Taman Little Indonesia Indah. towards show up you will traveling simply 15 towards twenty mins.

Since they shut the entrance as well as leave cost in the direction of the around the world Trip incurable Soekarno-Hatta, Duration by utilizing a vehicle car house accessibility is actually extremely simple. You will get a lot much less compared with one hr by utilizing the car.

As well as in the direction of the cost jagorawi. If, you wish to vacation in the leading place Cisarua – Bogor. Or even, outside outdoor camping as well as treking towards capital Gede-Pangranggo.


Certainly there certainly your eyes will certainly be actually destroyed through scenic sights of a gorgeous hillside. the surroundings likewise the sky truly feeling awesome as well as awesome. Herbal tea cattle ranches as well as numerous computer game like rafting outbound- drops as well as trip.

Location in the Gede-Pungrango hillsides in west java Cisarua- Bogor. certainly there certainly you will delight in the yearning woodland. the charm of the country side as well as the cibodas Botanical playground.

The Terrace Personal Vacation home Cipete

Terrace vacation home substance cipete the leasing cost :

  • USD 3500 regular month-to-month
  • Include (maintenance fee $300)
  • Omit ( VAT 11%, Home furniture $300)
  • lease as well as resettlements very little 2 years ahead of time
  • Up time 16 Oct 2022 , Terrace 2
  • System A9, 4 Bed rooms, Leasing Cost USD 3600 Monthly, excl PPN
  • System A8, 4 Bed rooms, leasing Cost USD 3500, excl PPN, prepared Final Nov 2022
  • Terrace 1 System U, 3 Bed rooms, Frist December Prepared, Leasing Cost USD 3500 monthly, excl PPN
  • Consist of (maintenance fee of $300)
  • Omit ( VAT 11%, Home furniture $300)

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